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Features Overview

Major Features

  • Online administration of site layout, content and security.
  • Roles-based security for viewing content, editing content, and administering the site.
  • Mobile device support for WAP/WML and Pocket Browser devices.
  • 20+ basic portal modules are included for common types of content.

Major Benefits

  • One resource for public Internet, staff Intranet and facilitator resources.
  • Logical content management modules make the website simple to organize and update.
  • Content can be set to expire on a chosen date.
  • Online shopping system for registered buyers.
  • Cross-browser support for Netscape and Internet Explorer built in.
  • Pages that are constructed from dynamically-loaded user controls.
  • Role-based security to control user access to website content.

Overview of Site Administration

  • The online administration tools allow users in the Administrators role to manage the security, layout, and content of the site.
  • Logged in users that belong to the Administrators role will see an Admin tab that takes them to the administration pages.
  • The site Administrator can give individual users the ability to view additional tabs and edit modules on specified tabs.

Roles Based Administration

  • The Log In facility for all users is accessed by clicking the login button.
  • Once logged in users can view any additional menu tabs or content made available to them by the site administrator.
  • Once logged in users can edit any content they have authorization for.

Content Management

  • Content Modules are modular pieces of page content that each present some functionality to the user, like a personnel contacts list, programs schedule, or newsletter articles.
  • Typically, several content modules are grouped together on a tab to create a ‘web page’.
  • Content Modules can be added, edited, deleted, moved on a tab, or transferred to another tab very easily without any programming.

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