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Feature Details

Content Modules Site Skins
With 20+ standard modules most of your design work has already been done! You can add any module to a page and alter the layout at any time.

To read more on the array of available content modules visit the Content Module page.

Choose from a selection of pre-designed template Site Skins. Skins can be changed at any time without the need to alter any of your content.

Skinning allows a variety of alternative design options, giving your site a completely new look at the click of a button!
You can order custom designed skins from LOCO Hosting that reflect your personal corporate or community identity.

Password Protected Content Style sheet driven
Administrators have full control over which role can access a certain area of the site. Each site can have a number of roles ranging from registered users, content providers, buyers, suppliers, or resellers, each user can be assigned to any number of these roles.  You can even include a staff only Intranet Area.

Additional roles can be added as your site grows in size and popularity! To add another level of security passwords can be encrypted and are then known only by the original registered user.
Your web site is delivered with a built in style sheet configured to your specifications. Style elements such as font type, color, bullet points and background colors are automatically applied to any new content added to your portal. This ensures a uniformed look and feel is maintained across the portal.

Individual modules styles can be set via the specific modules style sheet.  This does not alter the global style properties.  

File Management Recycle Bin
File management is a powerful tool that allows administrators the ability to upload files and images directly from their computer directly to your portal. An uploaded file becomes instantly available to be utilized on your portal or listed in a module that handles documents or file downloads.

All images uploaded are viewable via the image gallery available in the TEXT/HTML Module. To add an image to your content you simple drag and drop the image to the desired location.

The recycle bin allows you to restore any content modules or Tabs that you have deleted. Simply select the page or module to restore and click the Restore button.

The module or tab instantly reappears in the location that it was deleted from.  

Site Settings Premium Modules
Your site Administrator can control all aspects of the site through the site setting page: title of site, search engine description and key words, user welcome messages, Vendor banner advertising, and more!

In addition you can renew your subscription at any time, as well as add new premium modules.

A growing collection of Premium modules is available on this site.  LOCO Hosting is continually adding new modules as they are developed.

If you need to have a specific module developed we will work closely with you to design and implement a solution that meets your needs!

Bulk email to your user groups  Analyze your Visitors
Bulk email program that allows you to choose a group of contacts to receive the email.  Administrators can send bulk email to all users belonging to a particular User Role. Simply select the User Role, enter the subject and content of your message then click the 'Send Email' hyperlink. The Site log includes a number of reports on you site statistics including site hits, page views, browser information and more. A number of reports are available covering everything you would need to know about your user trends.

Reports include: Detailed site log, Page popularity, Page views by day, Page views by day of week, Page views by hour, Page views by month, User frequency, User registration by country, User registration by date.
Roles Based Security Google Search Engine Submission
Set the access and editing rights for each individual user. The user then simply logs in to the website and can immediately edit the content they have authorization for. Editing rights can be assigned across the whole website, a single page, or down to an individual module on any given page.

You can configure any number of security groups with editing rights to different areas of your portal. Each individual can then be assigned to multiple number of roles.
Submit your website to the leading search engine Google directly from your web administration page.  DotNetNuke has been specifically designed to supply Google with relevant information that will attempt to place your site in the best position on the Google search results.  These important details that include the sites description and a list of keywords can be updated at any time via the Site Settings page.
Centralization of your data   Newsletter
A central database and the ability to assign access rights to different user groups, makes DotNetNuke the perfect solution to run both a web site and an Intranet site from a single location. In addition to the Bulk email service is an HTML Newsletter module that allows you to create, send and archive newsletter. Newsletter can be assigned to any group of users you desire, allowing powerful targeted marketing.
Receive revenue from Vendors  
Receive payment for banner advertising in the searchable Business Directory.

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